One Method to Rule Them Oil!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Imagine waking up with perfectly balanced skin every morning with just one simple step. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably going “Yeah sure. I’ve heard of that one before.”. But the only difference this time is that I’m not trying to sell you anything you don’t already have lying around in the kitchen somewhere.

What am I talking about?

Let’s build on that suspense… Continue reading, jangan malas!

I’m in no way product shaming any brands out there nor am I telling you to throw your current skincare out the window. Nope. Nothing like that. I want this to be a journey for you. Just like everything else in life, be sure to ease into it naturally.

I started incorporating the oil cleansing method (OCM) into my skincare routine about 2 months ago. It was more of a makeup-removing step rather than one complete cleansing step for me. I felt weird if I didn’t follow up with a cleanser after rubbing oil all over my face. So that’s what I did for a good 2 months.

Now that I’ve had the time read up on the benefits of certain oils for the skin and that it can completely replace your current cleanser, I made the switch!

It took me a while to find the right blend for my skin. A lot of trial and error were involved but because oils are so gentle to the skin (please don't use minyak masak on your face), you hardly see any major skin reactions. Nothing cray cray. Unless you're allergic to oils, then please stop. Go away. There's nothing to see here! But for those of you who are keen to dip your cute lil toes in this gentle cleansing method then stick around!

If you're just starting out and don't want to spend a lot of money on different types of oils, here's a foolproof recipe:

1/4 Castor Oil
3/4 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1. Mix the two oils in the palm of your hands and massage it into your skin. Take this time to think of all your problems and get reaaaally anxious about it to increase your heart rate. BOOM. Cardio right there.

2. Soak a washcloth in hot water, wring the excess water out and place it over your face. Repeat this step at least 2 to 3 times before wiping the oil off your face.

And that's it, guys. No cool flying brushes needed. Just a washcloth and your perfect blend of oils. 

If you guys would like to know more about oils, let me know because I do have some personal favourites that I would be more than happy to share with you chickpeas!

Until my next entry!

Spread love! ♥ 

jangan malas - don't be lazy
minyak masak - cooking oil (like Seri Murni and Cap Helang)

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  1. Hi, Wiwin! May I know where did you get your castor oil because i've been searching for it but it's sooo hard to find one. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Kiko! Yeah I had a hard time finding that too. I got mine from BMS Organics in Atria. Hope that helps!