Lipstick Hunt ft. Marcella & Co Review

Sunday, 12 February 2017

I'm not a lipstick kind of girl. Never have been and probably never will be. But will that stop me from trying them in the stores and thinking "Hmm.. I'm going to wear this EVERYDAY.", and end up checking out with 4 new lipsticks? Probably not. And I'm sick in the head like that.

I'm not the perfect candidate to be making reviews for lipstick but I can share with you what goes on in my deranged little mind when deciding which lipstick is worth buying. 

Deciding Factor #1: FORMULA

I'm not a fan of sheer and glossy lipsticks. I also don't like the feel of having lipstick on my lips, which makes my hunt for lipsticks 10x easier kan

Something that goes on like water but dries down to a matte-finish and also completely blanks out my natural lip colour, THAT is what makes a good lipstick in my books.

Deciding Factor #2: SHADE

For an everyday lipstick, I tend to go for shades that are 1 to 2 shades lighter or darker than my lips. But I'm also an extremist by nature when it comes to picking out a bold lipstick for all the "events" that I'm invited to (pfft...). Dark vampy lips are for days when I'm feeling ballsy. So if you see me out in an almost-black shade of lipstick, you know I mean business.

Lipsticks with warm undertones somehow don't flatter my skin tone. My logic behind this is that the orange tinge in a warm lipstick brings out the redness in my acne. At least that's how I see it. Therefore, when picking out a lipstick shade, I prefer blue/cool undertones for my skin tone.

Deciding Factor #3: STAYING POWER

Reapplying my lipstick in a social setting is the least of my worries, especially with all the canap├ęs just waiting for me to devour and pretty much destroy my red lippie. I mean, if you're destined to look like the Joker by the end of the night, then you will. You can't fight fate.

However, liquid matte lipsticks are perfect for those kind of situations. Or for those of you who are socially awkward and don't quite know how to behave in public. (Tip: Act like you're busy eating. Works like a charm for me!)

Liquid matte lipsticks are known for their staying power. Some of my favourites are from M.A.C. and also Huda Beauty because they don't suck the life out of your lips. Provided that you apply a thin layer rather than going ham with the wand. 

Which brings me to my latest find, Marcella & Co!  




While the formula (and the price, RM55) of this lipstick hits my sweet spot,

Opacity: Two thin layers for an opaque finish
Non-drying: Did not dry my lips out, in fact it was rather hydrating (Rose hip oil & Argan oil)
Longevity: 2 to 3 hours wear

These shades weren't exactly Wiwin-friendly but don't let my personal preference get in the way. Venom is too warm for my liking, Eva would look incredible on someone with a bit of a tan and Kalista made my teeth look yellow. But again, that's just me.

It also has a very strong scent, which is not exactly a problem for me per se. But if rosey-Crabtree-&-Evelyn-potpourri smelling things bother you, then you might want to test this out first before buying all 5 shades (Venom, Gia, Nikita, Eva, Kalista).

For more info on their lipsticks, check out their Instagram, @marcellaandco!


Till next time, boobies!

Spread love, not diseases!  

kan? - right?


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    1. Well I usually need to be in the mood to write, that’s all. As for the info, it just comes when I’m writing.. I try my best to not filter my thoughts so that my posts feel genuine. Thank you for the positive feedback! I really do appreciate it <3