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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

I don’t wake up looking anywhere near how I look like in pictures. Don’t give me crap for saying this but we ALL upload photos that WE look good in. It doesn’t matter if your friends look like a piece of chewed up gum. As long as your face (butt, tits, jawline) slays, then that photo is going up on Instagram whether your friends like it or not.

I figured I would share with you some of my tips and tricks on how to look human in photos and in person. You’d be doing your friends and yourself a favour by just looking decent in photos. Think of all the fights with your friends that you can avoid!

1 --> PRIME

I recently got the In Transit Camera Close-up primer from This Works. Highly recommended by my makeup hoarder of a sister, @sophiacintalee, who I might add has the most flawless skin I have ever seen.

I’ve used it for a good month now and let me tell you, it has changed how my foundation looks at the end of the day. It keeps the crustiness (ew.) of my dry scars and patches at bay for hours.

I apply this primer after my moisturiser. Nothing fancy to it. Just slap it on like how you would apply a moisturiser.

2 --> CONCEAL don't feel

The Soft Matte Complete Concealer from NARS has been my go-to since I got it, which was honestly not too long ago. Instead of going in with a foundation to even out my skin tone, I like to apply concealer on my cipets (pimples/dark spots/all that not-so-good stuff). Bear in mind that this is an everyday makeup look, so you’ll be doing this EVERYDAY. I suggest you try to use less products on your face so you can save some moolas.

Next, you can fake a well-rested face by applying a little bit of concealer under the eyes. Preferably something more hydrating like the Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer from Too Faced.

Blend this all out with a beauty blender/brush or if you’re a savage, your fingers.

3 --> POWDER

You can opt for a full/medium/light coverage powder, depending on the severity of your cipets. For me, I use a high coverage powder like the Studio Fix from MAC in place of a foundation since I skip that step on most days. This powder is LIFE.

Coverage: Cipets what? Where? Who?
Staying power: Forever (MAC’s Fix Plus helps too I guess)

Apply this all over your face like you would normally do, with a fluffy brush. Please don’t try to apply this with your fingers (I hope we are all somewhat on the same makeup-knowledge-wavelength)…

4 --> WARMTH, ROSEATE and BEAM like the Greek Goddesses

To add dimension to the face without having to contour is easy. Take your favourite bronzer, mine is Laguna from NARS, lightly dust it –

1.     into your hairline
2.     underneath your cheekbones but be sure to stop before your pupils
3.     along the sides of your jawline

As for blush, I personally love a bright pink flush on the cheeks. I’m not shy when it comes to blush because the red hues in a blush camouflage my cipets very well. My all time favourite blush is Angelika from NARS. Sweep this shade all over your cheeks, placing most of the pigments onto the apples and fading it into the hairline for an unrealistic flush.

I have two highlighters that I always reach for. The first is the NARS Multiple in Copacabana. I use this before setting my face with a powder because balms don’t blend in too well on top of talc. The places that I would normally highlight are my–

1.     eyebrow bone
2.     top of the cheekbones
3.     bridge of the nose
4.     cupid’s bow
5.     eyelids (so we can skip eyeshadow all together)

 A balm leaves you looking very dewy. If you’re an oily mess like myself, then setting your highlight with a powder highlighter is the way to go. My ride-or-die powder highlight is the Illuminator in Sunlight from Cover FX. To be quite honest, the highlight looks so sad in the pan. It is nowhere near the blinding highlighters that are flooding your Instagram feed. It gives the most subdued yet breathtaking glow when applied onto the face. I gush over this highlight every time I talk about it! #dorkysnort

5 --> Define the BROWS and EYES

I don’t do anything crazy with my eyebrows on a daily basis. I simply fill them in with the Instant Lift for Brows Crayon in Deep Brown from Clinique. This is my current go-to eyebrow pencil mainly because it has a waxy finish, which keeps my brow hairs in place without having to go in with a separate product like a brow gel (kill two stones with one bird. eh?).

I have learned to love my eyes without eyeliner. It took a lot of courage to leave the house without my crooked wings but I did it. I figured curling my lashes and applying a few layers of mascara instead would put me in a better mood, since it’s impossible to screw mascara up.

I’m a drugstore-mascara fan (only because I can’t afford expensive ones) and I’m open to trying new ones all the time. The one that I have on hand at the moment is the Lashionista by Maybelline. This mascara has tiny little fibers that extends and thickens your lashes for days.

A little trick that I like to do when applying mascara is to tease my lashes with the wand. Yes. Just tease them like how you would tease your hair (don’t poke your eyeballs out please). This keeps your lashes curled all day!


I would be lying to you if I said I use lipstick everyday because I really don't. Unless I know that I won't be eating as much that day, which is highly unlikely. So lipsticks, hmm, use it, don't use, I don't care.

And TADAA! You can now have a pose off with your friends and not be the most hideous of them all!

You're welcome.

Till my next post, hun buns!

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