NARS Yeux Irresistable Eye Shadow Palette Review

Sunday, 27 November 2016

I do have a couple of NARS’ eye shadow palettes and while they are all great in terms of formula, I still find myself packing two to three palettes when I travel because I don’t have all the colours I (think I) need in one guy, oops, I meant one palette.

My mom came home one day with the NARS Yeux Irresistible Eye Shadow Palette that I have been meaning to buy ever since the leng chai who worked there showed it to me but hesitated because I'm a broke @$$ b!tch (my attempt on making this post as PG13 as possible). I was so happy partially because once you start earning your own money, you hardly receive any more gifts. I even asked her why… Clearly not used to kindness… Just picture a helpless wet cat being given food and warmth. I was that cat. And that palette was my food and warmth.

This palette retails for RM150 and it features 6 gorgeous shades that you can easily play up or play down, depending on your menstrual cycle. Sticking to my budak pemalas/buat-buat sibuk theme, this palette is something I would carry in my personal makeup bag so that I can switch my day look to a night look quickly before heading out the office (let's pretend I'm cool and that I have places to be). 

All About Eve II
Soft neutral beige [satin]. If UD's Virgin and Sin were to have a baby, it will probably look something like this. I would use this as a base colour or even on its own to create a polished look. Colour payoff wise, I would say that this is one of the weakest shades in the palette (but it could also be because it's a pale shade to begin with... I expect too much from life.).
Colombo: Pale gold peach [shimmer]. Similar to UD's Half Baked, I like to use this as an inner corner highlight because it has the right amount sheen to make you look wide-awake.

Jezebel: Reddish brown [satin]. Similar to the darker shade in NARS Duo Eye Shadow in Surabaya. This was the colour that drew me to this palette. If you're crazy about those Fall looks you've been seeing on your Instagram feed, then this is the colour for you. This shade looks like melted copper on the eyes and if worn alone on the lid and bottom lash line, will make you look so sultry, your mom wouldn't let you out of the house without a chastity belt.

Brousse I: Lavenderish taupe [satin]. The cool undertones in this shade provides a gorgeous contrast for my brown-eyed girls and boys out there. A softer alternative to the dark smokey eye.

Thunderball: Dusky teal [matte]. If you want to up your smokey-eye-game, then you would love this shade! It's dark enough to pass off as black but when you blend and smoke out the edges, you'll start seeing the eyeshadow transform into a cool blue shade. Pair this with a warm bronze eyeshadow and you'll look like a less miserable version of Taylor Momsen.

Coconut Grove: Espresso brown [matte]. Every palette needs a dark brown shade like this. It can be used to darken your whole eye look, as an eyeliner and also as a brow powder. 

Overall, the eyeshadows in this palette have great colour payoff (ooo YouTuber-vocab-diarrhea coming right up!) and little-to-no fallouts, which makes creating those dark smokey eye looks a breeze. I came up with a few combos myself. You can of course recreate these looks with other similar eyeshadows too. 

Base colour - All About Eve II
Lid - Colombo
Inner corner - Colombo
Outer V - Coconut Grove
Bottom lash - Coconut Grove & Colombo

Base colour - Jezebel
Lid - Coconut Grove
Inner corner - Colombo
Outer V - Coconut Grove
Bottom lash - Coconut Grove & Jezebel

Base colour - Brousse I
Lid - Thunderball
Inner corner - Colombo
Outer V - Coconut Grove
Bottom lash - Coconut Grove & Brousse I

"No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up."
- Some quote I found on Google

Till next time!

Yeux Irresistible - Irresistible Eyes
leng chai - Handsome boy
budak pemalas - lazy kid
buat-buat sibuk - pretend to be busy

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